The smoky and great smelling preference of Earl Grey is an one-of-a-kind experience that many people can not get sufficient of. Called a spicy citrus taste, Earl Grey is a hard to describe preference that is remarkable once tasted. Obviously Captain Picard of Star Trek popularity will not drink anything else!

Although many individuals take into consideration Earl Grey as a sort of tea, any black tea with bergamot taste added remains in fact Earl Grey. Some manufacturers will certainly even use their reduced high quality black tea to make Early Grey in the belief that the solid flavor of bergamot will mask the poor preference of the tea. Mainly taken black with maybe a piece of lemon added, Earl Grey is however among one of the most popular of all the flavorful teas in the world.

The Origin of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Charles Grey was the Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1830. The story is that while on a polite journey to China, he saved the life of a chinese. To reveal his gratefulness, the mandarin gifted Earl Grey an unique tea, which the Prime Minister reclaimed to England with him. The tea quickly came to be a favored in the Earls attracting space, as well as he asked his personal tea vendor to reproduce the exact same taste for him. The brand-new tea ended up being classy and also eventually spread out throughout England and the rest of the world.

It is a good story, but not likely to contain much fact! Charles Grey never ever visited China as well as the Chinese beverage very little black tea in any case, which means truth origin of Earl Grey tea is still a mystery.


Bergamot is a citrus tree that is cultivated on the south coast of Italy. Also called the Princes Pear, the fruit is inedible but the oil drawn out from it is made use of to fragrance perfume along with tea. The oil was an ingredient of one of the first Eau de Cologne ever before made. (It is fairly various from the herb called bergamot) The fruit is a cross between lemon, orange and also grapefruit, sometimes contrasted to orange blossom.

In the cold weather, before it ripens, the fruit harvest is picked by hand. Specially made cold presses are made use of to extract the bergamot essence, which is after that stored for a minimum of a year. Bergamot is utilized in aromatherapy to deal with clinical depression, as well as additionally has anti-microbial impacts that can strengthen the resistance of the body to colds and illnesses. Maybe Earl Grey tea is a great treatment for winter months sniffles!

The Preference of Lady Grey

Popular consensus in the time of Earl Grey held that tea made ladies over-excitable, triggering impropriety in the female personality. Orange, lemon as well as bergamot were contributed to tea to calm these impulses, as well as Lady Grey tea was designed. Today lots of people still enjoy the taste; not restricted to female drinkers!