Since I was little I have actually loved mosting likely to various cities and also nations to pick up from individuals and areas that were different than what I recognized with. My love for traveling and for discovering various cultures just expanded as I aged and also ultimately I mosted likely to college to research Urban and also International Growth. I chose this major simply due to the fact that it would certainly teach me regarding two of my favorite points: cities as well as various other nations. I will always remember entering my initial city studies class and also checking out the chalk board that claimed “Do not Look Past Graffiti Art.” on it.

I rolled my eyes and questioned what type of crazy situation I had obtained myself right into with this class. I was captivated that any actual teacher whose knowledge remains in city research studies would certainly urge not to mention required that his students pay attention to the graffiti art that almost destroyed the feel and look of numerous significant cities in our nation as well as worldwide.

After a quick intro of himself, the teacher of that course started the term by showing us a slide show of graffiti art from around the globe. He played the whole show without stating a word of explanation. When it was finished he just walked over to the chalk board and also composed an additional line beneath what he had already covered taking note of graffiti art. He wrote: “Since it discloses the significant problems of that society’s youth.”

I went out my note pad for the very first time that term as well as wrote those 2 expressions onto the top of the very first page. I was still hesitant concerning where the professor might possibly be taking an introduction like this, yet I was extra intrigued than before after watching the slide program of graffiti art and also understanding simply exactly how imaginative it truly was.

Our first assignment for that urban researches course was to find a picture of graffiti art that was from a major UNITED STATE city and to compose a 2 page representation on what we believed the graffiti art exposed concerning that certain city’s young people. I had no idea when I picked a photo from Chicago and also discussed it just what I was doing to shape the remainder of my life.

To make a long story short, that urban studies class and also specifically our discussion of graffiti art transformed my thinking about the peoples of the world. I learned that a society is exposed by small things like graffiti art that we normally take as aggravating when we check out somewhere. All that to say, the next time you travel don’t discount a city’s graffiti art as something unsightly or offending. Rather, see what you can discover the young people of that city through the graffiti art because I guarentee there is much to be learned.